Beth Chapman Shared A Throwback Photo With Her Beloved Hubby Duane Amid Cancer Battle: “We Were So Young”

Date December 6, 2018

Beth Chapman shared a sweet throwback photo with her husband Duane. The reality star has remained in good spirits since her cancer returned.


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Throwback photo

Beth Chapman proves she is a woman of strong will, who never strays away from facing difficulties. Since the sad news was confirmed that Beth’s cancer has returned, the star is not losing hope for the better.

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Beth keeps sharing motivational posts on her Instagram, to the great joy of her devoted fans who worry about the star’s condition.

Recently, Mrs. Chapman shared a heart-melting picture of her and Duane holding hands. Beth made a repost from one of her fan’s posts that contains such powerful words:

They fight large and love even larger.


Repost from @janebondsurety It is the small things.... He indeed holds her heart in his hands. In the wee hours as we await the call of her emergence from the event, I am struck by many things. There isn’t much to do while you wait. Literally time feels like it’s standing still. So, you think. You watch. While many don’t understand the chaos and super cells this family weathers. I do. They are indeed the crazy glue that keeps each other together. They fight large and love even larger. I watch as the patriarch fields constant contact from the outside wanting any shred of news. He guards her. Fiercely. He is in his own private hell. You know this. You can see it in his eyes and hear his voice crack when he speaks of her. He guards her as she has guarded him so many times before. Unwaveringly and unconditionally. For many this larger than life family can be baffling. For those of us that see it on the daily, it’s easy to understand. Because at the core is an absolute love for one another and the family they have created. What the future holds for all is unknown. What I do know is that none of them will be alone. There is a blanket of peace and serenity knowing this. You see, it is indeed the small things. The gestures, the soft words spoken, being present, providing encouragement, being humble, saying silent prayers, a wink, a squeeze of the hand or uttering the word Chiricahua. All of it mattered. Every. Single. Thing. ❤️💔❤️.

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On Tuesday, Beth shared another post with a sweet throwback photo back in 2002. She wrote in a caption:

We were so young. And he is so hot…. vavavoom!


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As it was reported earlier, Beth Chapman underwent throat surgery last week. Later, her husband, ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’, opened up on his wife’s health update:

I appreciate the question and please say a prayer. She's not doing good.


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We keep praying for Beth’s recovery and wish the Chapman family strength and hope amid this hard time.

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