Dancing Princess! Amy Roloff Made Our Day By Sharing A Hilarious Video Of Little Ember Dancing

Date January 30, 2019 11:37

Amy Roloff had some great time over the weekend with her precious little granddaughter, Ember. Did you know that this little girl is a real dancing star? Oh, you've got to see her best moves!


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Dance, baby Ember, dance!

If you ask Amy Roloff about her favorite time spending, she will definitely choose hanging out with her grandkids, Ember and Jackson.

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Amy and little Ember had a perfect weekend together. These girls know how to have some fun. Amy revealed her adorable granddaughter’s hobby. It appears little Ember loves dancing, and she is really good in it.

Little People, Big World star shared the cutest video of this dancing princess on Instagram, and we can’t get enough of Ember showing off her best moves.

Amy wrote in a caption:

I so love this about Ember. Books and dancing to music.


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What an adorable child! This video made our day.

Fortunately, Amy Roloff and the rest of her family often share their adventures on social media, to the great joy of all fans.


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What a wonderful family! A bond they share is truly precious.

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