Whoopi Goldberg Made The Audience Burst Into Tears By Her Triumphant Return To ‘The View’ After A Lasting Disease

Date March 15, 2019 14:25

Whoopi Goldberg made a triumphant return on TV after her lasting absence due to health issues. Whoopi surprised her The View co-hosts and made the audience burst into tears by her unexpected appearance in the studio.


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Welcome back, Whoopi!

Whoopi Goldberg is a master of surprises. That’s probably what the fans love her for (and for her incredible talent, of course).

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On Thursday, Goldberg made a surprising return on The View after more than a month of absence. The actress was diagnosed with pneumonia and had to cancel all her TV and public appearances until she recovered.


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Whoopi’s return on the show was a big (and pleasant) surprise not just for fans but for her co-hosts too. At the same moment when Joy Behar was talking about Whoopi, explaining that she’s feeling better now, the comedian walked into the studio with a bright smile on her face.

All 5 hosts rushed to Goldberg to give her a hug, while everyone in the audience literally burst into tears, watching this sweet reunion.

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Whoopi joked, commenting on her surprising return:

Hey, yes, it's me. I am here. I am up and moving around — not as fast as I'd like to be.


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It’s, indeed, the great news for all fans of the Ghost star, as most of them started doubting whether Goldberg would return on TV at all after her severe disease.

We are so happy to see the incredible Whoopi Goldberg in a good mood and high spirits. Welcome back, Whoopi! We missed you!

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