So Precious! Andy Cohen Shares A Touching Video Of The First Moment He Met His Baby Son Benjamin

Date February 19, 2019

A new dad, Andy Cohen, is beaming with joy since he welcomed a son. Andy decided to share his joy with his numerous fans and showed off an exclusive video taken moments after the baby’s birth.


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The moment I saw my son for the first time

The Bravo host Andy Cohen can’t get enough of his new role as a dad. As you know, Andy welcomed a baby boy named Benjamin on February 4. The boy was born via a surrogate.

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During the Sunday’s episode of his show Watch What Happens, Cohen showed off an exclusive short video of the first moment he met his precious son Benjamin. The touching video generated an awesome reaction from people in the audience and went viral within a couple of hours.

How sweet is that?

The host shared his thoughts on being a new dad:

I can only speak for myself when I say I am falling more in love with him every day.


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Earlier, in an interview with People, Andy Cohen recalled his experience of being in a delivery room saying “it was amazing.”


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Being a parent is the greatest blessing on Earth. Now, Andy Cohen knows this firsthand. Thank you, Andy, for sharing your little joy with us. Your little son is amazing!

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