Ace! ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Are Going To Welcome A New Family Member

Date November 26, 2018

The Brown family is going to grow by a new member in the nearest future. Alaskan Bush People star, Noah, and his charming wife announced they expect a baby.


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Baby on the way

Noah Brown and his new wife, Rhain, tied the knot three months ago in a beautiful private ceremony surrounded by the family members. And now, here comes another great news – the newlyweds expect their first child together.

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The family made the bombshell announcement via their Alaskan Bush People Instagram account. They posted a lovely picture of Noah and his pregnant wife sharing a sweet kiss. Noah’s hand gently rests on Rhain’s growing baby bump. So cute!

The family is excited

In an interview with People, Noah Brown said all family members were over the moon after hearing the news. His mom Ami couldn’t hold back happy tears when found out she would become a grandmother.  

Noah added he is a bit overprotective about his pregnant wife as the whole thing is new for him and he is trying to get used to it.

The reality star said:

I’m starting construction very soon on a cradle for the little one. That should be cool, I think.

Having a baby is the greatest blessing. Alaskan Bush People family deserves to be happy after all the difficulties they had to go through during the last years. Our best wishes to Noah and Rhain!

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