John Travolta Still Got It! The Actor Recreates His Iconic Dance From 'Grease' 40 Years Later

Date June 18, 2018

John Travolta is as good as 40 years ago, and he can prove it. The actor celebrates the 40th anniversary of Grease's premiere by teaching Jimmy Fallon his most iconic dance moves from the movie.


John Travolta still got it!

Ask your parents about the most iconic musical movie of the 1970s, and without doubts, you will hear about the film Grease

This year, legendary Grease celebrates its 40th anniversary since it was premiered on the big screen. Sound fantastic, doesn’t it?

Starring the Hollywood heartthrob, John Travolta, beautiful Olivia Newton-John, Jeff Conaway, Susan Buckner, and many others, the great masterpiece made a lot of noise worldwide at that time.

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To celebrate this tremendous milestone, Grease’s main character, John Travolta, decided to recreate his iconic dance moves from the 1970s.

Travolta paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon at his The Tonight Show, where he taught the host a dancing lesson. In particular, John showed Jimmy how to do the ‘four corners’ moves.

An interesting fact! Travolta said it was his idea to make the ‘four corners’ at the film.  

With Grease, they needed a step for ‘You’re the One that I Want’ at the end. So I said, ‘We used to do the four corners, why don’t we do that?’ 

Do you want to see whether John Travolta is in the same perfect shape for dancing as four decades ago? Believe us, it’s worth seeing!

Travolta recreates his ‘Grease’ dance


Bravo, John! That was awesome!  And happy 40th anniversary to all Grease fans!

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