Meghan Markle’s ‘Suits’ Co-Star Rick Hoffman Looked Annoyed At The Royal Wedding, But Why?

Date May 23, 2018

Among 600 guests that appeared at the royal wedding, one stood out the most to the fans of Meghan Markle’s show, Suits. Rick Hoffman, Meghan’s co-star and close friend, appeared on camera for a split second, but already started a conversation.

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Many watchful spectators noticed the actor’s less than impressed and rather dissatisfied face. People started comparing him to his grouchy and at times judgmental Suits character.

Clearing the air

The 47-year-old actor is known for being active on social media, so he quickly found out about people questioning his mood at the wedding.

Hoffman took to his Instagram and posted a video explaining the situation. Apparently, Rick was sat next to someone with a very bad breath, which hindered his experience.

We feel bad for the actor. Nothing is worse than an unexplained odor, especially at an event like this.

Suits cast had their fun

Despite having a not-so-perfect time at the ceremony, it looks like Hoffman had a much better time later that day.


Another Suits star, Patrick J. Adams, shared a picture revealing cast of the show having a time of their lives at the karaoke. They weren’t invited to the intimate reception and, as a result, decided to have fun of their own.

The last supper #royalwedding

Публикация от Patrick Adams (@halfadams)

We hope the Suits cast had a great time in London and will return to filming the next season full of great memories.

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