Thanks To His Golf Obsession, Actor Bill Murray Helps A Florida Couple With Gender Reveal


May 16, 2018 15:41 By Fabiosa

Actor Bill Murray got hooked on golf after working as a golf caddy to pay for his school expenses.

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Golf obsession

The actor is a long way from being a caddy these days, but he isn’t over his obsession with the game.

His golf scene in the 1980 movie Caddyshack has since found renewed fame as a GIF and holds its pride of place in internet culture.

In real life, he and his 5 brothers have a charity they call the Murray Bros. Caddyshack® Charity Golf Tournament.

It's a boy!

The 67-year-old award winning comedic actor will use golf to do just about anything, as he recently proved when he helped a Florida couple reveal the gender of their baby.

It turns out, the couple Jacqueline and Michael Davis planned to find out the gender of their baby at the Murray Bros. Caddyshack® Charity Golf Tournament. Unlike the other attendees, they planned to hit a golf ball full of pink or blue powder, but when they met Murray there. They chose him to disclose the gender of their baby.

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The couple’s doctor had told Michael’s secretary the gender of the baby, and she had gone ahead with the ball placement, so when Murray hit the ball to reveal the blue powder contained within, the expectant parents were surprised for real and thrilled.

The moment was captured on video.

Hanging out with Barack Obama

Bill Murray’s fascination with golf also made him hang out with Barrack Obama, while he was president of America, while they played the game.

Perhaps, he won’t mind playing with Donald Trump who may just be as obsessed with the game as he is.

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