Grace Kelly Bridesmaid’s Daughter Reveals A Well-Hidden Truth About Her Mother's Mental Illness

Date June 7, 2018

When Nyna Giles once saw the headline “Former Bridesmaid of Princess Grace Lives in Homeless Shelter,” she decided to reveal the actual truth about her mother that was well-hidden from the public eye.

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Giles decided to team up with journalist Eve Claxton to create a memoir titled “The Bridesmaid’s Daughter,” which describes Carolyn Scott Reybold’s life. She wanted to explain what happened to her mother, who was an American top model and Grace Kelly’s royal bridesmaid.

According to Giles, Reybold came to New York in 1947 where she quickly joined the row of top models for her stunning looks. When she was 19, she met Grace Kelly, who was an aspiring actress from Philadelphia at that time.

The two bonded and became good friends. Grace was the one who introduced Reybold to her future husband, Malcolm. And when Kelly became engaged to Prince Rainier of Monaco, she chose Carolyn as one of her bridesmaids.

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Despite her extremely successful modeling career, Reybold faced a lot of challenges. She gave birth to Nyna Giles in 1959 when she stopped being a sought-after model in New York City. Instead, she married and moved to Long Island.

Giles believed her mother felt very lonely and she also was faced with postpartum psychosis. It was a serious but treatable condition. Nonetheless, Reybold didn’t get the appropriate care she needed and never recovered, living a life of paranoid delusions.

Her daughter said Grace Kelly suspected something was wrong with her friend. But then, the tragedies hit Reybold, one after another. Giles’ sister, Robin, died in a car crash in 1979. A few years after, Kelly was also killed in an automobile accident.

Giles commented:

[The deaths] impacted her tremendously. To quote Eileen Ford, 'Everything at that point just disappeared for her'.

Later, Nyna got married and had a family of her own whilst still staying close to her mother. But after seeing a tabloid that said her mother was living in a New York City shelter, she decided to reveal the painful truth about her.

She wasn’t down on her luck. She was severely mentally ill and refusing treatment. There’s a big difference.

After that, Giles moved her mother to an adult home in Long Island. Reybold died in 2007 when she was 79 years old. With her book, Nyna hopes that telling the true story about her mother’s illness will help to raise awareness on mental health issues that impact mothers today.

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