George W. Bush Reveals His Mother's Last Words As She Died Holding His Father’s Hands

Date June 6, 2018

True love doesn’t age. In fact, it grows stronger each year, making the bond between two people unbreakable. Barbara and George H.W. Bush love to each other is the real example of the feeling many have been looking for and some never found.

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Their granddaughter, Ellie LeBlond Sosa, reveals in her new book, titled George and Barbara: A Great American Love Story, that among multiple legacies that her grandparents left, the best of them is their immutable love to each other.

Sosa’s uncle, former President George W. Bush, thinks just the same. He wrote the book’s foreword in which he described the power of his parents’ love and how it reflected on his mother’s last hours. He writes:

On April 17, 2018, Barbara Pierce Bush spent her final hours the way she wanted: holding hands with the love of her life. Before Mom left this Earth, she said her soul was settled. She believed in God and Heaven above. And she knew that one day her soulmate, George H.W. Bush, would join her there for eternity.

The book tells the story of the couple’s relationship. All the happy moments, including their secret engagement, and all the hurdles, including their young daughter Robin’s untimely passing – Sosa touched every aspect of their special bond that made it so strong and loving.

She writes:

The longest-married Presidential couple in history has been an inspiration and example to Laura and me, to my siblings, and — I like to think — to many of our fellow citizens.


Since his wife’s death, 93-year-old George H.W. Bush has been at the hospital. But it looks like his health is improving as he has been removed from the intensive care unit to a regular room.


After coming back home, his life will never be the same, as his Barbara is not with him anymore.

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