Why Melissa Gilbert Had Her Breast Implants Removed, And Quit Botox And Fillers?

Date September 24, 2018

Melissa Gilbert has decided to follow a new trend – natural beauty!


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In 2015, the American actress and TV director had her breast implants removed and called it

the smartest thing I’ve ever done.


Next year, she also went completely ‘au natural’ as she stopped getting Botox and fillers. Gilbert even said ‘no’ to dying her hair - what a drastic change for the actress!


In her interview with People, Melissa said:

I don’t know how long ago it stopped being red but it’s not red anymore! There’s lots of grey and white streaks and it’s much easier.

Gilbert changed her views on aging when she met her husband Timothy Busfield, who helped her embrace herself and the way she looked without artificial beauty enhancements.

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She made a decision to 'age gracefully' and let her body and face become

whatever they are going to be.


The actress added:

The pressure that I put on myself was to stay as young as I could for as long as I could and remain an ingénue as long as I could, which is impossible.

Gilbert started to be extremely concerned with her looks during her appearance on 'Dancing with the Stars' in 2012. This was the time of spray tan, Botox, fake breasts, and hair extensions. But now, after saying goodbye to everything ‘fake’ she couldn’t live without before, Melissa feels healthier and stronger physically and emotionally.


Last year, the actress talked to Observes about her latest role in a play 'If Only'. She explained that she was drawn to her role as a smitten Civil War nurse because of the play's engagement with topics like ageism, among many others.

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