Pope Rihanna? The Singer Steals The Show At 2018 Met Gala Event! Social Media Can't Keep Calm

It’s not the first time in the history of showbiz that Rihanna impresses and even shocks everyone with her extraordinary outfits! First, it was a red carpet-winning Met Gala dress in 2015. Rihanna admitted she couldn’t walk in it without help.

In 2017, she opted for a true architectural wonder: the dress consisted of floral fabrics, layered and pulled apart like petals.

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And this year became no exception. On the contrary, Rihanna’s outfit got even more impressive. This year’s Met Gala was Catholic-themed. And while other celebrities just wore crosses to support the theme, Rihanna took another approach.

Her dress was nothing else but a glittery pope-wear. Rihanna always wins the red carpet, and her Margiela-designed version of the papal crown and cape is definitely this year’s winner!

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Twitter users didn’t hide their emotions and made fun of Rihanna’s outfit. Some wondered why Pope was dressed like Rihanna. Others were talking about the Church of Rihanna, and their intentions to joint it!

All in all, it was a brave outfit that made the whole world speak about Rihanna again!

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