Striking Resemblance Of Demi Moore And Her Daughter Rumer Willis, Whose Talent Can Grant Her Even Better Career

Date May 11, 2018

Kids grow up so fast, and we never know who they are going to take after. When it comes to Rumer Willis, a daughter of the world-famous actress Demi Moore, it wasn't quite clear at the beginning if she would look as stunning as her mother. 

At first, no one could tell for sure whether the baby girl would look like Demi. 

But time flew by and their hair got shorter...

Curly Rumer was nothing like her mommy!

Their smiles do have something magnetic. 

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Or...maybe she did take after her mother?! At least, that expression!

Ahaha! This one is even better! A solid shot at their striking resemblance!

And while the childhood pictures don't show all the beauty of the world, this one is a clear example of how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. 

Demi, as well as her daughter, is simply gorgeous!


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Now they look so alike!

And the age isn't a limit!

Smart women can look stylish, and this is a perfect example!

Like mother, like daughter!

And Rumer isn't any less persistent! She always knows what she wants!

Even if it's "Dancing With The Stars"

Together with a professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy, they won a mirror ball trophy of the TV show. 

Willis, the daughter of Hollywood celebrities Bruce Willis and Demi Moore was among 3 finalists.

They were a truly great team! 

It wasn't only Val but also the fans who have supported her all the way through the show. 

Empire Fam!

Rumer Willis likes having a great time with Serayah!

Up to no good?! 

Is anyone surprised the daughter of two world-famous celebrities could grow up any less talented than they are?! She is as gorgeous as her mommy, and let the world know it!

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