Donald Trump Jr. Surprised Daughter With The Birthday Present She’s Wanted For Years: A Cute Puppy!


May 16, 2018 13:07 By Fabiosa

On May 12, Kai Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump Jr., celebrated her 11th birthday. To let the whole world know about the great occasion, the proud dad took to Instagram where he shared a sweet picture with his firstborn.

He also wrote a touching caption, calling Kai his ‘best girl’ and sharing just how much he loves her:

I love you... even when you don’t think I’m cool or funny at all.


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So, what present did Trump Jr. give to his daughter?

It definitely made Kai’s big day special. Ahead of her birthday, the 40-year-old presented his girl with something she’s been dreaming about for years: a cute puppy!


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Alongside a series of pictures of Kai and the adorable pooch, the businessman revealed they are quite alike:

This one is going to be trouble… just like Kai!


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Actually, the father of five is fond of his daughter’s pooch as well. Just take a look at the pic below.


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It looks like Donald and his wife Vanessa make every effort to continue co-parenting their 5 kids despite going through a divorce. On Mother’s Day, the president’s son congratulated his wife on the occasion by posting some more family pictures on the platform.


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It’s likely that the couple will continue to interact for the sake of their children.

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