Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan's Wedding Cake: How Is It Different From Other Royal Cakes?

Date May 30, 2018

Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan has already taken place. So finally, all details of the ceremony that were kept secret have been unveiled, and wedding cake is one of them.

Ahead of the nuptials, Kensington Palace revealed who was selected to bake the dessert. Harry and Meghan’s choice fell on a London-based baker Clair Ptak.

The professional is known for using only organic and seasonal ingredients in her delicacies. As for the royal couple, they asked Ptak to make a lemon elderflower dessert with buttercream and fresh flowers.

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A day before the nuptials, the baker shared a cake preview on her Instagram, posting a photo of lemon crates.

This was not the only sneak peek we got to see. Kensington Palace also shared videos and photos of Ptak and her team working on the delicacy in the Buckingham Palace kitchen.

Isn't it a thing of beauty?


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As the cake was made in London, it was later assembled to Windsor. And here’s how it looked!


The cake was very different from all the royal wedding cakes we’ve seen before. First, multiple layers all sat on different platforms.

And second, it was not a traditional fruit cake that is popular in the United Kingdom. The dessert was decorated with buttercream frosting, and it featured 150 fresh flowers, including roses and peonies.


How do you like it?

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