Dolly Parton Gets A Twin - She Makes Jimmy Fallon Try On Her Wig

Date October 15, 2018

It seems as if Dolly Parton sleeps and eats with her signature wig on. And let us say, we aren't the ones who think so. Jimmy Fallon shares the same opinion, so it's time to consider him to join the group.

The reveal

Okay, jokes aside. Dolly Parton has been a phenomenal figure, and there's almost no one who would've not heard about her. She has a bunch of uniqueness, and one of such is her wig, which she hasn't taken off since 1973.


If your hair's too busy for flowers, your shirt's a good spot for 'em! 😉

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However, she doesn't hide the real reason anymore. Parton cares about hair health so much that she decides to put on a wig to avoid any negative results from constant tinkering and bleaching. But hey, this kind of hairdo makes her look amusing and breathtaking for her fans, and this is of importance.

Moreover, it's kind of country music thing to have this huge hairdo; and that's what she agreed on.

Gospel singers and country singers just have to have that big hair. It’s just a thing.


Been pickin' and grinnin' my whole life and I don't have plans to quit now! 😊

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Dolly Parton makes Jimmy Fallon try on her wig

Well, who would think that a comedian-TV host, Jimmy Fallon, would get 'into a trap'. By that, we imply the fact that Dolly Parton asked him to wear one of her wigs on his show. And guess what? He did it! Well, with rolling up his eyes and being shocked, but who cares about that after he tried on her wig?

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Oh, by the way, would it be out of the line to say that Fallon looks much hotter than she is? Yes? Okay...

How to make a great Dolly Parton wig

Probably if you a Dolly Parton's fan or have ever been curious about her signature wig, you are free to try doing it on your own. Oh Lord, thanks for the internet!

We mean the fact that you actually can find absolutely anything, even how to make someone's wig. How crazy is it? Check it out!

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