Elizabeth Taylor's Granddaughter Opens Up About Their Special Bond: "She Had A Strong Influence On My Life"

Date October 23, 2018

While somebody judges Elizabeth Taylor for having eight marriages, her grandchildren see her as a style icon, role model, and perfect granny.

Big family - big love

Taylor had 4 own kids, which she cared for and loved to the moon and back. As the tree has roots, the children gave birth to own offspring. Guess how many grandkids the legendary actress had? 10! Ten beautiful and cute grandchildren!


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She was over the moon to be a decent mother no matter gossips, lies, and acting life.


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Unbreakable bond

One of the 10 grandkids, Naomi deLuce Wilding, shared a beautiful story about her grandmother and their unique relationship.

She was just my grandmother—well, my granny. We were very close, and she had a strong influence on my life.

Naomi kept on telling how they all sat together on her bed and listening to her life stories. It made them connected even more since E. Taylor felt free despite their little age.

She believed in the power of love and wasn't afraid of being hurt. A lot of people hold their heart too close; she believed in giving it out.  

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Nevertheless, the real reason of uniting Naomi and Elizabeth was the premature birth of Naomi and her husband's son, Declan, the same situation as with Taylor's third child. Wilding told that this moment made them even closer than before.

I'm part of a very matriarchal family. My grandmother, my mother, and my sister and stepmother too are my biggest inspirations. One thing I hope Declan will learn from me is to respect strong women, like Granny. I'm so proud to be her granddaughter.

Taylor knew how to enjoy life alone, with husbands, children, grandkids, great-grandchildren. She was amazing in everything, and she believed in love. Naomi told:

She knew how to enjoy life. But I don’t think she was ready to die when she did – and that was partly down to the fact that she didn’t feel her work with the Aids Foundation was done. 


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Alive legacy

Taylor's grandkids have always loved her unconditionally: since childhood until today. In her memory and honor, they keep making her legacy alive, primarily HIV activism. 


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All her grandchildren support Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation not only for her but also for themselves since their granny taught them how crucial humanitarian work is and how we all should be kind and decent toward others.

One of her granddaughters, Laela Wilding, claimed:

She was famous because she did what she wanted and that was part of her fame – her beauty, her talent and her crazy life but it was also her activism – which was a wonderful kind of end to her life. She used her celebrity for something more powerful. To stand up for others.

We all are genuinely thankful to Elizabeth Taylor for a plethora of things: from being a natural talent to AIDS and HIV activity across the globe. Thank you for being such a wonderful person, mother, woman, and granny.


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No doubts that Elizabeth Taylor is looking and smiling at them. She's still with them and they're still with her!

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