Alert! Powerful Earthquake Hits It Big During Meghan & Harry's Royal Tour In New Zealand

Date October 30, 2018

It's been confirmed that Duke and Duchess's jet had to abort its planned landing on October 26. 

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The couple was flying from Tonga, and the pilot saw the plane approached the runaway hitch. 

There was an aircraft on the runway a little slow to roll... so the decision was taken to abort the landing.

Alert! Powerful Earthquake Hits It Big During Meghan & Harry's Royal Tour In New Zealandgettyimages

It wasn't something extraordinary or dangerous, but the pilot decided to use the safety over risk, and it was a great decision. 


Today's news confirmed earthquake with 6.2. magnitude in New Zealand, which severely felt in Wellington, where the royal couple had their commonwealth engagements and duties several days ago.

Luckily, there weren't any reports about damage, death or tsunami threat to New Zealand. 


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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have been anxious and scared, but the news reported that they were totally fine since they left Wellington and are now in Aukland. They conceded that they didn't feel any quake and everything went smoothly without any interruptions during their royal visit. 


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Down with Zika virus...for a while!

Beforehand Meghan and Harry's visit in Tonga, the health authorities cleared rainforest to ease Zika virus threat. 


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While the rest of the world raised their eyebrows and 'curse' Meghan for jeopardizing her upcoming baby and health in Zika virus areas, Tongan authorities confirmed the spraying these locations before 2 days of royal's arrival. 

Meghan also couldn't stop giggling when Tongan locals made a comedy scene with the anti-mosquitoes song. It doesn't mean she didn't appreciate though, but everybody would find it funny. That's why it's called "comedy," right?


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Well, we do hope that everybody is safe and sound and nothing will be dangerous or harmful! 

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