Sharing The Same Tragic Fate: Bobbi Kristina Died Almost Exactly Like Her Mother, Whitney Houston, Did

Date October 16, 2018

The science reveals that mothers and daughters are connected through their brains. According to one study, females' brains process the same emotions and psychological aspects. It says, 'like mother, like daughter', which is probably true according to science. The mother-daughter bond is too close on an emotional level. It implies that a mother can easily understand the daughter's feelings and emotions, even if she doesn't share.

Sharing The Same Tragic Fate: Bobbi Kristina Died Almost Exactly Like Her Mother, Whitney Houston, DidSharing The Same Tragic Fate: Bobbi Kristina Died Almost Exactly Like Her Mother, Whitney Houston, DidYuganov Konstantin /

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It is if we might say so, embodied inside them. It doesn't mean that a father cannot understand his daughter or a mother cannot understand her son, because they can. But it says that mother-daughter link is way too powerful than it seems. That's why it is sometimes hard to explain this phenomenon. 

Whitney Houston's and her daughter's addiction and death

"I will always love you" keeps on playing inside everyone's head once someone mentions Whitney Houston. Unfortunately, she was the victim of drug addiction. Houston used drugs to avoid depression, pain, and pressure from fame. 

Though the singer entered rehab hundreds of times, she did not manage to stop her addiction. Houston was found dead in her bathtub on February 11, 2012, before the Grammy Awards. The causes of death of the singer were drowning, atherosclerotic heart disease, and cocaine use.

According to representatives of the investigation, the examination showed that the singer was a chronic cocaine addict. Among other drugs were marijuana, a sedative (muscle relaxant) and antiallergic drug.




Bobbi Christina, Houston's lovely daughter, took care of her mother when no one was there. But later, it turned out that Bobbi was... a junkie as well. There were a lot of controversies after her death report. Medical experts could not define whether it was suicide or homicide.

The 22-year-old daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub (ironically, like her mother) Jan. 31, 2015, and died in hospice care July 26.

Medical experts then stated that Bobbi died from alcohol and various narcotic substances inside her body, such as marijuana and benzoylecgonine along with medications from anxiety. 


Them Both 😢😭

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Well, though there is a powerful and fantastic mother-daughter bond in science, that's not what we all expected to find out. Whitney Houston, 48, and Bobbi Christina, 22, 'shared' the same reason of fatality, and it is more than distressing to hear.


Remembering our Queens ❤

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How to help someone with a drug addiction

Oh boy, there is a vast amount of people suffering from drug use. If you ever recognize a drug addict in someone, please, help them.

First, and the most important, you should find a mental health professional, who will do S-BIRT (Screening Brief Information). This is the set of tools aiming at detecting problematic areas in mental health, addiction, other issues to prevent drug use right away. 

Second,  you should address the problem and make it in the open air. By that, we mean you have to do an intervention with the drug addict and his/her close family members. Hence, you should force a person to believe that there's a serious issue.

Third, you should seek a rehabilitation center, which will provide effective treatment and take care of a person 24/7. 

Sharing The Same Tragic Fate: Bobbi Kristina Died Almost Exactly Like Her Mother, Whitney Houston, DidMyvisuals /

Do not ever let yourself have an addiction to alcohol or drug substances. They won't do anything except for destroying your life and killing you step-by-step. Whitney Houston is an amazing singer, but she isn't the amazing example of how to live and overcome pain. There's always a way for a better life, and drugs aren't one of them. 

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