Alan Ruck Once Became Bedridden Within Hours After Mistaking A Life-Threatening Infection For Flu

Date July 15, 2019

Born as Alan Douglas Ruck on July 1, 1956, the American actor is most famous for his role in ABC's Spin City. He brilliantly played the character of Stuart Bondek, a lecherous member of the mayor's staff.

Now, we hear him narrating his dreadful encounter with death.

He was so close to dying

The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off icon shared an alarming story on Oprah: Where Are They Now?. It was December of 2001, all he had was at stake, including his life. An unexpected health crisis blindsided him — and almost left him brain-damaged for good. He had the worst flu and was slowly losing consciousness.

Alan had underestimated his condition and was lying in the apartment across his own. He recalled as he opened his eyes:

I was Nyack Hospital in Nyack New York with tubes coming out of everything, and I was sick as a dog.

Out of nowhere, Ruck was then diagnosed with Streptococcal Type G infection. This fatal illness causes bacteria to spread in the bloodstream. Doctors were worried that he might not fully recover from it. The infection had spread to his brain and ignited stroke-like symptoms.

He survived it all

His health issues slowly stabilized and so did his personal life. After divorcing his wife, Claudia Stefany, in 2005, he married actress, Mirreille Enos, three years later. From the first spouse, Alan has a daughter and a son: Emma and Sam. With Mireille, he has a daughter, Vesper, and son, Larkin.

We need to be watchful of little red flags. Even if you think your illness is minor, getting checked up is the best course of action in any case. Share this and send your best wishes to Alan Ruck.