Mini John Legend! Chrissy Teigen Shares An Adorable Photo Of Her Son Miles, Who Shockingly Looks Just Like His Dad

Date October 31, 2018

Saying 'like father, like son' won't be enough in John Legend and his son Miles' case. Spotting a difference between these two will be an ordeal itself!


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Chrissy gave birth to her second child on 16th of May this year. A beautiful baby boy was named Miles Theodore Stephens. After the newborn had arrived, daughter Luna has officially become a big sister and their proud parents were more than thrilled to have a beautiful family of four. John Legend was gushing with happiness as he told E! News:

We're so excited to have him in the family. It's nice to have our little family of four now.


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Miles's resemblance to his dad 

On the first sight of Miles, as he has grown up a little, he is evidently a splitting image of his father, John Legend. Chrissy shared a recent photo of this cute pie and no one can ignore how much he looks like his talented daddy.


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Her fans were in awe and agreed on father and son's similarity. Their resemblance is so unreal that we are compelled to think if someone has swapped John's face on a baby. Well, not really, that's just how genes work! 

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Luna looks just like her mother

People couldn't help but notice that Luna's features are also copied and pasted from her mother, Chrissy. There is certainly no denying that!


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campjinx: They are each a mini me of their parents omggggg ❤️❤️❤️

soa_raza:Luna is soooo you and Miles sooo John ❤️❤️😍

sashiepooh: Aww you can really see here that they look like your John & mini Chrissy. Too cute!

Do you also believe that Miles and Luna are then mini-versions of Chrissy and John? Share this and give us your precious opinions!

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