Robert Irwin Follows His Dad's Footsteps And Gets The Same Official Title The Late Steve Irwin Had

Date October 30, 2018

The greatest wildlife warrior and conservationist, the late Steve Irwin, is about to have his career rebooted. His son, Robert Irwin, chose the same path as his dad and is carrying on the family's legacy. 


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It is believed as if Robert was born to do this. Since the tender of age of 10, he has been working with the crocodiles at the Australia Zoo. He had developed a sense of saving and preserving wild animal lives from an early childhood. It seems he was quite fascinated by feral creatures and wanted to have a connection with them all along. Bravo!


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New crocodile hunter

It’s been almost 12 years since the animal lover, Steve Irwin died in shallow waters after being stabbed by a stingray while filming for a show. However, the Irwin family is back on TV to keep his passion alive with a show, Crikey! It’s the Irwins. His son, Robert, now 14, has been given his dad's hat for being the new Crocodile Hunter.


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Wes, who was a close friend of Steve, will train Robert to demonstrate the hunting tactics. The first crocodile that this young boy will feed would be the same one that had almost killed his dad when it bit his hand. Robert was very excited as he told Yahoo! News:

Working with crocodiles at Australia Zoo is just a dream. Every time I get to do it, I’m able to really continue dad’s work. I hope that he would be proud of the croc work that I’m doing.


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Steve's daughter is also continuing his work 

Bindi Irwin always knew what she wanted to do in her life. The young lady has always inclined herself to her dad's work. She even has the same compassion and connection to the wildlife as her dauntless father had.


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The 20-year old Bindi exclusively told ET News:

I'd just like to carry on in dad's footsteps. I think that dad's spirit and passion lives in every single one of us.


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We wish these young adventurers all the luck in their future endeavors. Share this and show your encouragement to this amazing family! 

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