After Michael Jackson's Demise, His Old Mother Got To Raise His 3 Kids: Did She Do A Good Job?

Date May 22, 2019

Michael Jackson's sudden death ran a wave of shock around the globe. People mourned the loss of an irreplaceable legend.

Then, there were his closed ones, who had their world turned upside down. For instance, his then-80-year-old mother got to taste parenthood one more time in a very complicated way.


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Katherine and her husband, Joe Jackson had a total of 10 children. Most of them earned huge fame as adults, working together in a musical band. Michael Jackson's older brother Marlon had a twin named Brandon who didn't survive and passed away shortly after his birth.

So, Mrs. Jackson is well-acquainted with child-care, as well as going through unbearable losses. Or at least, coping with them.


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Being a parent again

Katherin Jackson opened up to Liz Hayes of 60 Minutes Australia to explain her devastating experience. The heartbroken mother of the King of Pop feels as if she has a ring and has lost the diamond.


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After his death, his 3 children, Paris, Prince, and Blanket, became her responsibility. She recalled the dreadful happening of his daughter attempting suicide. Paris just wanted to be laid to rest with her father. It was appalling.

As a grandmother, it's been very difficult for Katherine to keep up with the changing times. Her challenges while raising Michael's kids are unique. She has to cover their ears from their father's false molesting accusations, too. So far, the granny seeks privacy for her broken grandkids to save them from further damage.


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How are the children now?

His eldest, Prince, has taken after his dad and founded Heal Los Angeles charity to continue Michael's 'Heal the World' initiative. Daughter Paris is being an advocate for depression, substance abuse, and addictions. She is also pursuing an acting career.


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The youngest one, Blanket, is a healthy teenager who doesn't care for spotlight. He attends Buckley School and enjoys martial arts along with video games.


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One can say, grandma Katherine has done a really good job. She let the King's heirs spread their wings on their own terms.

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