'She Was Not Nice' Ricki Lake Recalls Meeting Lucille Ball For The First Time

Date October 25, 2018 17:23

The classic TV stars have a sound reputation clung to their names. Somehow, as far as their fame stretches through time, there is always room for a new disclosure about their personality. The American actress, Lucille Ball still lingers in her fans' minds and so in those who she had a sour encounter with.

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Everyone loves her

It's no surprise that her legacy still remains and her admirers still adore her after her demise. Her performances as an entertainer bring back nostalgia to her diehard fans.

However, some celebrities have had bitter experience with the lady, Lucille.

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Ricki Lake meeting with Lucille Ball

The Hollywood producer Ricki Lake recalls her meeting with Lucille at the backstage of Oscar awards in 1989. As described by her, the icon was quite salty towards her and even let out her wrath on her. Lucille was smoking relentlessly while dealing with Ricki.


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The reason for such coldness from this lovely lady was that she looked unhappy for being there. As published on Fox News, Ricki remarked:

She was not nice. Salty is just like putting it mildly. We were in the same cardboard green room.

Sadly, shortly after this not-so-successful award show, the comedian passed away. However, Ms. Lake is not the only one who had complained about Lucille Ball behavior.

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Richard Burton didn't like her as well

The actor Richard Burton used to write frustratedly. His diaries are published and edited by  Chris Williams at Yale University. As mentioned in his journals, he found Lucille to be selfish and self-centered. His Thursday, May 17th, 1970, Beverly Hills Hotel entry, posted by The Intermediate Period reads:

I loathed her the first day. I loathed her the second day and the third. I loathe her today but now I also pity her. After tonight I shall make a point of never seeing her again. 


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Behind the scenes, all of the stars are just like us. They cry, get angry, and even play tricks to make the matters favorable to them. No biggie! Share this and let us know how much you love this woman for only being a human after all!

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