Tiffany Trump's 25th Birthday Raises A Question: Why She Hasn't Been Wished 'Happy Birthday' By Her Dad In Years Now?

Date October 15, 2018

The announcements on social media are kind of realization. Like hey people, it happened for real. Following this fact, nothing goes unnoticed from the public's view. The presidential family, Trumps have developed a tradition over time to wish each other happy birthday on their respective well maintained social profiles.

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Year after year, we witness Donald Trump receiving tons of wishes on his special day by family and followers. He doesn't shy away from returning the favor as well. Posting heartwarming wishes and prayers on his daughters' or wife's Twitter accounts. 


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But there is one exception, the youngest daughter, Tiffany has been completely left out from this prodigy!

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Tiffany was not wished by Mr. Trump

Tiffany got exactly zero happy birthday wishes from her dad, stepmom, or siblings on social media last year and this year too. Her special day was plugged offline as if everyone forgot to just post about it. The curiosity over this repetitive forgetfulness of Mr. Trump towards her daughter is pinning on the history of their social media accounts.

What's more interesting is that none of the Trump clan has ever tweeted on Tiffany's birthday as well. Her dad wished her quota to Navy 243 anniversary instead this year. The last time he celebrated her day was in 2013 when he expressed himself to be a proud father. But what about Tiffany? Does she reciprocate her dad's action?

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Donald Trump's birthday


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His daughter never misses a year to wish and appreciate her father. Mr. Trump's birthday is decorated by Tiffany's thoughtful wishes. She goes out of her way on social media to signify the bond with her daddy. 


Happy Birthday dad @realdonaldtrump. I love you! 🎈

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Maybe Tiffany is just old-school and the fuss is over nothing. Getting her birthday sentiments from daddy dear, the good old-fashioned way via cards, or phone calls, or face-to-face visits.


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Share and let us know the underlying reason you can think of that can possibly be behind this! We wish beautiful Tiffany Trump happy 25th birthday.

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