Wowsers! Julia Roberts Changed Her Blonde Hair Look To A Surprising Pink Color

Date November 5, 2018 15:03

Halloween may be over, but the hints of trick or treating celebrations remain!

Julia Roberts has rocked all kinds of hair colors ever since her debut as a redhead in Pretty Woman. Her skeptical hairstylist, Serge Normant, has beautified over the years from frothy auburn updos to buttery blonde dangling waves.


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Her last hair color was golden hued locks making her a blond girl. Julia's iconic hair dates back to 90's when it was emblematic of the decade. And the beautiful lady is keeping up with the trends quite incredibly!


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Her new pink tinted hair

The Oscar-winning star, Julia is still rocking her dyed pink hair from the flamingo costume she wore to celebrate Halloween. After spending the trick-or-treating holiday with her children, the gorgeous actress, 51, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday. She was wearing a millennial pink pantsuit that perfectly resonated and matched her pink-tinted hair. Her luscious locks still had traces of semi-faded pink dye in it from her Flamingo costume.


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Julia also revealed that she had done her hair-dye by herself. She described her Halloween look, as a little bit of imagination and a little bit of purchasing. The creamy pastel pink, a truly creative idea!

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Hair coloring tips for beauties over 50

You can't stop aging but you can make sure your hair color isn't aging your appearance even more. The following colors recommended by SouthernLiving can be your ultimate savior!

1. Soften out the look with warm hue of Auburn.


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2. Dirty blond to compliment your natural greying hair.


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3. Dark mocha for a framed appearance.


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4. Bright copper to defy age.


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Any other shade of ombre strands with highlights will uplift your spirit and beautiful features. Share this bundle of hair awesomeness!

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