Patton Oswalt Says His Daughter, Alice, Saved Him From Turning Into An Alcoholic After His Wife's Sudden Death

Date September 24, 2018

The death of a loved one can be truly devastating and for Patton Oswalt losing his wife, Michelle McNamara, was the end of the world. But like every tunnel that has light at the end of it, he found love again.


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Losing his wife

Patton Oswalt got married to Michelle McNamara in 2005. She was a freelance writer and crime blogger. In 2016, she died in her sleep, leaving behind a then 7-year-old daughter.

Coming to terms with his reality was not easy for Patton as he was quoted in AP News saying that his wife's death had not left a void but a blast crater. 


Grieving soon took its toll on him and in his words, he began to kiss the edge in the couple of months that followed.

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Being a single father


He had immediately become a single father. Now, he had to make sure his daughter, Alice, who was 7-year-old at the time, was getting by. In a letter he penned for GQ, he said,

This is my first time being a single father. I've missed forms for school. I've forgotten to stock the fridge with food she likes. I've run out of socks for her. I've run out of socks for me. It sucked and it was a hassle every time, but the world kept turning.

However, strenuous being a single dad turned out, his daughter made things easier for him. In his interview with Vulture, he reminisced about how he told his daughter about her mother's death and she immediately said she wanted to be taken to school on Monday after. Adding that his daughter demanded structure from him.

In his interview with Playboy, he spoke about how Alice helped him deal with his grief. According to him, if he hadn't had a daughter when his wife died, he would have been an alcoholic. But he was always able to get up and keep going.


Taught Alice how to meditate today.

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Finding love again

In 2017, Patton's life took a new turn. He found love again, this time, in Meredith Salenger, an actress. They got engaged in February of that year and married in 2017.


Taking this 70’s Italian spy to the #BlackPanther premiere tonight.

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In an interview with NPR, he described to the feeling of falling in love the second time like being hit by lightning twice.

What are the odds? 

he asks.


What’d you guys do yesterday? (Photo @jeffvespa)

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According to him, his daughter, Alice, is also happy.

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