'Law & Order' Star Dennis Farina Secretly Battled Lung Cancer Before His Demise At The Age Of 69

Date July 25, 2019 14:46

If you were an ardent fan of 'Law & Order,' then you must have fallen in love with Dennis Farina who played the role of Detective Joe Fontana.

Dennis, who was born on February 29, 1944, was famous for his role as either a mobster or police officer.

Given that he served in the Chicago Police Department's burglary division for 18 years before venturing into acting, this comes as no surprise. He was also popular for portraying the character Lieutenant Mike Torello, on 'Crime Story.'

Unfortunately, the world had to say goodbye to the bundle of talent on July 22, 2013. However, what many do not know is that the months leading to his death were afflicted with cancer.

A secret battle with lung cancer

As reported by TMZ, a 911 call placed before Dennis' death reveals that the veteran actor had cancer. The woman who placed the call was heard saying to the operator:

"I have a cancer patient here. We need oxygen".

His cardiologist Dr. Marc A. Kates explained in a statement that the father-of-three did indeed have cancer.

He revealed that the actor was diagnosed with a small cancer about thirteen years ago. However, it was cured with surgery.

Unfortunately, it recurred months leading to his demise and that the star was getting treatment. Still, Kates ascertains that the cause of death was the blood clot in his lungs, not the cancer.

Hollywood mourned the actor's death

Dennis' demise shook the industry, and many stars took to social media to pay him tribute.

It's not sure why Dennis never came out with his cancer battle, but he must have had his reasons. Nevertheless, we will always remember him!