Grammy-Winning Singer Richard Marx And Actress Cynthia Rhodes Got A Divorce After 25 Years Of Happy Marriage

Date July 25, 2019

One of those Hollywood couples we thought would last forever was singer, Richard Marx, and actress, Cynthia Rhodes. However, all the hopes we had were soon dashed.

Nevertheless, let's reminisce a little about their successes. Richard Marx, born on September 16, 1963, is a Grammy-winning musician, who specializes in pop/rock and American adult contemporary.

His ex-wife, Cynthia Rhodes, was an American actress renowned for her role as 'Penny' in the 1987 'Dirty Dancing' movie.

They have both made names for themselves in their individual industries, but their love life isn't as successful as their careers.

No happy ending here

Richard and Cynthia tied the knot 1989, and it was evident that they loved being together. The pair initially met in 1983 while shooting 'Staying Alive.'

After they got married, the lovebirds moved to Marx's hometown in Chicago to be a family.

However, the couple separated in July 2013 before finally getting a divorce in April 2014. While both parties haven't disclosed the reason for their split, they have managed to remain cordial.

After being together for 25 years, the 'Endless Summer' crooner had nothing but kind words to say about his ex-wife and mother of three sons Brandon, 23, Lucas, 21 and Jesse, 20.

Grammy-Winning Singer Richard Marx And Actress Cynthia Rhodes Got A Divorce After 25 Years Of Happy MarriageGetty Images / Ideal Image

While discussing with PEOPLE about his latest album after the divorce, and why the lyrics didn't pertain to his previous relationship, as expected, he said:

"I have nothing but love and respect for my ex-wife, and I don't really want to delve into that in songwriting so much."

A new life

A year after his divorce, Richard remarried. On December 23, 2015, he tied the knot with the model, Daisy Fuentes in Aspen.

Regardless of whatever went down between the long-time couple, it's respectful how they never tainted each other's memories in public.