Kamala Harris' Husband Is Ready To Be US first "First Man" As He Shows Great Support For His Wife's Presidential Run

Date July 31, 2019

Kamala Devis Harris is a 55-year-old American lawyer and female politician who is the 2020 Democratic nomination for President.

Harris has previously served as the District Attorney of San Francisco, the Attorney General of California and is currently the United States Senator from California.

Earlier this year in January, the California-born politician officially announced her candidacy for the 2020 US presidency and is now one of the top contenders.

Kamala Harris is in a struggle with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the Democratic party presidential candidate nomination and right now she seems to be winning.

Last month, there was a presidential candidate debate and it seemed Harris outdid her rivals.

In a conducted survey, 64%, of the audience who watched the televised debate said they were impressed by Kamala Devis.

Harris' debate performance was one of the main reasons given by Democratic voters who want her to be president.

Her husband’s support

However, that’s not the only support Kamala has as her husband is strongly behind her.

Kamala's husband, Douglas Emhoff, has expressed his full support for his wife whom he tied the knot in 2014 and it looks like he might be the first-ever 'first man' in the US.

Recently, Douglas proved how much he was in support of his wife’s ambition when became her personal bouncer.

He helped escort a protester off the stage who interrupted one of her appearances.

Kamala was unharmed and walked quickly off stage and later that day, Douglas tweeted:

'Thx for all the kind notes. We are good. I love ⁦@KamalaHarris and would do anything for her'

Speaking about Douglas's Twitter account, a fun fact to note is that almost 99 percent of his tweets are related to Kamala's presidential race and this is just so heartwarming.

Kamala and Douglas have been married for about 5 years and they have no children together.

Next month, on the 22nd of August, the couple will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary together. If Kamala wins, then it is going to be a new season of love in the United States!