'Happy Days' Tom Bosley Helped His Wife Battle A Brain Tumor Within 7 Years, While Coping With Strong Depression On His Own

Date June 5, 2019 17:59

Not all heroes wear capes.

— Joel Smith 

Thomas Bosley is a famous American actor, television personality, entertainer, and voice artist. He is best-known for his role as Howard Cunningham in the ABC sitcom Happy Days.


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However, his career success is nothing compared to his big-hearted personality, diligence, and courage. While Tom Bosley was starring in Happy Days, his own inner world was vigorously falling apart. 


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The actor was in a deep depression. His beloved wife, Jane Eliot, was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor, which caused Bosley apathy and despair in the 1970s.

I thought that [diagnosis] was the worst thing I’d ever have to face. 


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After sets of the ABC sitcom, Thomas Bosley came back home to an ailing wife Jane. The star's depression didn't appear overnight and it was growing step by step with his wife's illness.

After a tough seven-year battle, Jane Eliot passed away, and Bosley had to face his own illness and raise their then-11-year-old daughter Amy.


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Later on, baring a heart to loved ones instead of therapist and love for his daughter gave Tom the drive to conquer his grief and depression to the core.

On October 19, 2010, Thomas Bosley died from heart failure, following by the battle with lung cancer, at a hospital near his home in Palm Springs, CA. The actor was 83.


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This is the story you won't hear every day, but it shows how strong Tom Bosley was to help his wife cope with a brain tumor while having depression, and how he found the strength to live after her demise.