Did You Know That John Travolta Is A Healer? His Magic "Touch Assist" Healed Director's Infection

Date November 8, 2018

People often rattle about John Travolta's odd behavior. Though he's already 64, creepiest things only add to his stock. 

There is some weird stuff he's done:

  1. He crashed a wedding. In 2013 he popped up in some wedding pictures with bride & groom and other guests in T-shirt, jeans, and cap.
  2. He approached a stranger in the middle of the night. John was in a gym and decided to come up to a guy and say "Hi, I am John."
  3. He failed to introduce Idina Menzel's performance "Let it go" from Frozen. Instead of "Idina Menzel," he said, "the one and only Adele Dazeem."

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Moreover, he grabbed Menzel's face on the show and it freaked everybody out. This scene went viral and millions of people couldn't stop discussing it or even criticizing the actor. 

That's how the internet discusses the creepy action

There are some other actions which lack the reasonable explanation, but we guess it's John Travolta's 'thing'. He's absolutely well-known for weird behavior, but it somehow adds 'charm' to his overall personality. 

So-called 'healing' 

Grease (1978) is probably one of the most epic movies of the era. John Travolta gained his instant success there, though the scenes weren't only about actor's talent.


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Everything got worse at the settings when Randal Kleiser, Grease director, got an infection from the filthy Los Angeles River water during the drag-racing Thunder Road shoot.

Kleiser was calmly resting in the trailer till Travolta interfered. Repordely, he came to him and used his index fingers touching different parts of the director's body. Grease star went on saying "Feel my finger."

I was lying there with this fever, and he’s poking me and poking me and poking me, and I’m like, ‘Yes, I feel it'. ‘Thank you'.


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John Travolta was doing the 'touch' during an hour, and then he silently left. It was reported (or maybe just made up) that Kleiser allegedly felt much better on the following day, and the actor was sort of sure that it was all about his "touch assist." But is it really so? 

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  5. OTC salicylic acid for plantar warts.

Did You Know That John Travolta Is A Healer? His Magic "Touch Assist" Healed Director's InfectionLeszekGlasner /

It's crucial to take care of foot infections with the verified methods, not John Travolta's ones. However, tastes differ! 

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