Elliott Gould Says Barbra Streisand Is Still 'A Significant Part' Of His Life, So Why Did They Got Divorced?


November 8, 2018 16:34 By Fabiosa

Barbra Streisand, 76, is a woman in love. She tied the knot with James Brolin, 78, in 1998, and since then they've made a great team. 

I think we’re both very opposite and very good negotiators. She sees a color that’s one shade, and I say, ‘No, it’s another color.’ And then we are able to negotiate around it.


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Throughout 20 years of marriage, they successfully keep their spark on and continue making each other happy by loving, understanding, and inspiring.

She is so intent on what she’s doing. As for me, I’m busy all the time. But we come home to each other. The evenings we’re always together. The days are just us running and holding our pants up.


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Being able to keep a relationship alive after life-long marriage is the best achievement. Brolin & Streisand are delighted with their bond and try to enhance it by all means.

This is her second marriage, and thus it's important to understand why she divorced with her previous husband before marring current sweetheart. 

What about ex-hubbie?

It's no question that Barbra Streisand and Elliot Gould's 8-year-marriage was "the bed of lava." The couple wed in 1963 both being too young. They only opened their gates to a successful career.


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And there was a time when young people couldn't put up with each other's paths. Elliot Gould claimed that everything was smooth until they got married after a year of dating. Their life was 'chaotic,' and thus it was hard to manage love and career at the same time. 


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Nevertheless, Barbra still plays an essential role in Gould's life, though they decided to go on different roads. 

Barbra is a very significant part of my life, no less significant than the rest of my family. She's happily married to James Brolin, and he is very nice to me. 


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The actor reportedly doesn't regret having marriage and son, Jason, but let's face the truth: both partners weren't happy since these 8 years were 'stormy' for them. 

First-born child

During Streisand and Gould's marriage, they had gotten a baby boy, Jason Gould. He grew up in show business and thus sometimes went on tour with his mom and even co-starred in The Prince of Tides. Jason also released Dangerous Man album and became a famous singer.


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Moreover, Jason came out as a gay in the 80s. He didn't want to be in the hot seat so that tabloids and media would rattle about his sexuality, so he claimed he's not thirsty for fame both in singing career and being a gay.

I sort of like being out of the spotlight.


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Having a failed marriage doesn't mean to be on the rocks forever. Elliot Gould called the marriage "bed of lava," but he's happy to have a mutual son with Barbra Streisand. 

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