Terri's Infinite Love For Steve Irwin Didn't Fade Away: Even After His Death She Doesn't Consider Dating Again

Date October 1, 2018

Guess it's true! If the love is sincere, it's enough to happen for just once in a lifetime. Terri, the widow of Steve Irwin, certainly thinks the same way.

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Steve Irwin's tragic death

The 4th of September 2006, was a calm day at Batt Reef. Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter, was in the production of the documentary series Ocean's Deadliest. He decided to snorkel in shallow waters in an effort to get footage for his daughter's television show.

Unexpectedly, a stingray popped out from nowhere and started stabbing him wildly with its tail. His team initially believed he only had a punctured lung. However, the stingray's barb had pierced his heart. Right on spot, he bled to death.  

Naturally, the animal had only attacked to defend itself but it shockingly took away Steve's life. His death left his fans and family in mourning.

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His wife hasn't dated since his death

As a loyalty tribute to her husband, Terri Irwin stays single even after he's gone. She is so indifferent to dating men now, that sometimes women ask her out. Thinking she might be interested in women now. Isn't it absurd and hilarious at the same time?


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In an interview with PEOPLE, Terri revealed:

I really think it’s quite wonderful when people who have lost someone find love again, but I’m not personally looking for any romance and I haven’t dated in years.

she also added:

I’ve already had my happily ever after. 


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Terri is tirelessly running the Austraila Zoo that keeps her schedule busy. She evidently feels content and happy, having two beautiful kids by her side.


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Steve's family is keeping his legacy alive

The trio, his wife Terri, daughter Bindi, and son, Robert, is returning to Animal Planet. Their new show will appear on the same network as Crocodile Hunter. This project will focus on happenings at Australia Zoo, owned by Terri, and with their NGO, Wildlife Warriors.


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They all have the same connection and compassion for animals. To them, it's a privilege to be able to continue Steve's amazing legacy.


Together Forever ❤️

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Irwin family's mission to try and enlighten people to love wildlife is certainly accomplished! Comment and share if you agree.

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