Wacky Celebrity Superstitions: Heidi Klum And Her Baby Teeth, Jennifer Aniston's Fear Of Flying, And More

Date August 28, 2018

Everyone is at least a little bit superstitious. We're all brought up fearing Friday the 13th, being careful not to break any mirrors, and staying away from walking under ladders. Perhaps, there's something comforting about superstitions, because if something goes wrong, we can blame it on some spilt salt or encountering a black cat. 

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And while us regular folks are merely careful with some superstitions, athletes and celebrities take them very seriously. So, let's find out what some famous people do for good luck, and maybe we can even learn something from them.

1. Serena Williams

As an athlete, Serena Williams has very strict pre-game rituals: She wears the same pair of socks during the tournament, she ties her shoelaces in a specific way, she brings her shower shoes to the court, and she bounces the ball five times before the start of the game.

Serena is so set in her ways that she's even blamed her losses on breaking one of the rituals. Considering she's one of the most successful tennis players in the world, maybe there's something to her routine.

2. Heidi Klum

Former Victoria's Secret model and Project Runway host Heidi Klum reportedly carries her baby teeth around with her for good luck. When asked about it, she told EW:

Well, I don’t, like, advertise it. No, I did show somebody once and it fell under the seat and the flight attendant came over and he’s like, 'Can I help you?' and I was like, 'Yeah, I’m just looking for my teeth'. And he’s like, 'Oh'. I had to find it — it’s not good luck if I leave the tooth on the plane.


Sounds a bit creepy, doesn't it? But hey, whatever works for her.

3. Jennifer Aniston

Movie star Jennifer Aniston is a nervous flyer, so she figured out a ritual, which helps her calm down and have a safe flight. She revealed it to the Insider:

If I walk on to an airplane, I always have to go on with my right foot first and tap the outside of the plane, I have always done it for luck.


4. Paris Hilton

The heiress to the biggest hotel empire in the world always makes a wish at 11:11 am sharp. 


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Paris seems to really believe in the magic of this specific time and even often tweets to give her followers a tip to make a wish with her.

5. Cameron Diaz

Cameron believes in turning away bad luck by knocking on wood, and it looks like she does it often. Though, she doesn't consider herself a superstitious person, according to her interview with Cosmopolitan:

I knock on wood all day long...constantly. But I've also flown on Friday the 13th in a storm with a black cat on my lap, so I'm not that superstitious.


Are superstitions a good thing?

Believing in many superstitions can cause a lot of stress, especially when we remember that there's no real validity to them. Constantly looking over your shoulder and fearing certain things can cause an anxiety, which is the last thing we all need in our lives.

It's better to stop following your superstitions and live a stress-free life. As long as you're positive and believe in all the best, good things will come to you.

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