Keanu Reeves Hilariously Revealed How He Once Had To Shave His Legs For A Coca-Cola Commercial

Date August 10, 2018 17:49

Keanu Reeves is one of the toughest action stars on the planet. He not only looks good on screen, he's also performing stunts on his own and loves doing it.

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There are so many action movies we have all watched because of Keanu's amazing energy and dedication to what he's doing.

© John Wick (2014) / Thunder Road Pictures

From his earlier roles in Point Break (1993) and Speed (1994), to cult classic The Matrix (1999), and even his later roles such as John Wick (2014), Reeves has never slowed down.

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But, believe it or not, Reeves wasn't always so tough. There were times when the actor had to take smaller jobs. He still had to do something special for them, but it definitely wasn't learning to surf or how to shoot a gun.

On the razor's edge

When Keanu Reeves was an aspiring young actor, he was willing to do anything to break into the movie industry. And while dreaming about getting on the big screen someday, the young actor had to settle for smaller parts, such as commercials.


Did you know Reeves once starred in a Coca-Cola commercial? He played a thirsty cyclist who desperately wanted to win a race and, spoiler alert, came out victorious.


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Keanu looked back at his earlier role on The Late Late Show with James Corden and revealed that he actually had to shave his legs for the commercial. Since he was a cyclist, he had to do it. Now that's a dedication to the role, isn't it?


Overall, the video turned out very entertaining and Reeves had a good laugh watching it after so many years.

From commercials to leads

Keanu Reeves isn't the only movie star who had to start his career making commercials. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio once represented Bubble Yum bubblegum.

Here's also young Brad Pitt having fun with friends on the beach in a Pringles commercial.

And Golden Grahams had an honor of having a fresh-faced Jason Bateman in one of their videos.

It's truly hilarious to look at our favorite celebrities back when they were at the beginning of their careers.

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