"It Was Hard For A Mother": Cher Opens Up About Struggling With Her Child's Sex Change

Date September 21, 2018 17:23

When Cher's only daughter, Chastity, announced she was undergoing a gender reconstruction surgery, the public was in shock. How could the daughter of one of the most feminine and iconic women in Hollywood transition to male? Truth is, it wasn't easy for Chastity growing up in her mother's shadow.


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From a very young age Chastity felt she was different. While her mom was dazzling crowds with her vampy clothes and extravagant outfits, Chastity was trying to be the opposite.


Although Chastity admitted in the 1999 interview with The Independent that she didn't compare herself to her mother, pressure of being Cher's daughter everyone expected her to be was getting to her:

I've never compared myself with Cher physically. I'd drive myself crazy if I did that. There's no way I could compete on any level.


Chastity was struggling with her weight fueled by confused personal identity, when she finally found the answer. 

In 2008, Chastity started transitioning, and legally became Chaz Bono in 2010. 


Chaz suddenly felt free and became the person he was always meant to be. He stopped hiding and obviously became a much happier person.


With my woman @sharablue and family at Pace.

Публикация от Chaz Bono (@therealchazbono)

But how did his mother, Cher, feel about such a major change in her child?

It was hard at first...

Cher admitted to The Mirror that she had a hard time accepting what was happening with her kid. Although she was fully supportive, something like this can mess with person's mentality, and the famous singer felt all of it:

I was really supportive as we had talked about it over the years. But I admit, it was difficult in the beginning. It was hard for a mother. I had this one child and I was waiting for the new child. There was this part in between where you don’t know what you are going to have.

The singer was concerned whether she would still have the same relationship with her child. She was partially afraid of losing Chaz.

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...but it all turned out well

Time went by, Chaz transitioned, but his love for Cher never changed. 

Looking back at her concerns, Cher realized she didn't feel any of it for even a second:

The loss I thought I was going to feel, I don’t feel one iota.


My Grandma's 91st birthday, here with her, my mom @cher and my girlfriend @sharablue

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Chaz and Cher remain very close and supportive of each other. 

Chaz is happier than ever

After years of battling with self-confidence, Chaz finally felt comfortable in his own body and went on to do great things. He even became the first trans person to participate in amjor television show when he was on Dancing With The Stars.

Chaz continues following his dreams. He actively stars in films and TV shows, most notably including American Horror Story.

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