David Foster's Daughter Defends Katharine McPhee By Revealing Her Friends "Always Wanted To Date" Her Handsome Father

Despite their age gap, Foster and McPhee share many interests, the most outstanding of which is passion for music, since Katharine is an established singer-songwriter.



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And although many people might question why Katharine would want to marry someone of such respectable age, David's daughter isn't surprised about their union, and offers an explanation.

Young women are smitten with Foster

Sara Foster, one of David's many daughters and step-daughters, revealed that all her young friends were always infatuated with her handsome father, but his looks weren't the only reason.

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Foster told US Weekly:

He’s like forever young. His essence and his aura is that of like a 40-year-old. My 30-year-old friends have always wanted to date him. Always!

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We certainly can't blame them. There is indeed something intriguing about Foster, so we have no issues believing McPhee fell in love with the good-looking record producer.

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In addition, Sara says she doesn't believe in age and doesn't see a problem in her father and his bride-to-be's age gap.

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David's daughters love Katharine

But Sara isn't the only supporter of David and Katharine's relationship. Her older half-sister, Amy, also adores McPhee, and is very excited for the couple.

As Amy Foster revealed to US Weekly:

I’m so close with [McPhee]. She’s amazing and funny, fun, smart, elegant, timeless, beautiful, talented. I can’t say enough about her. 

Erin Foster also didn't stand aside, and joined her sisters in praising David's relationships to People:

My dad is kind of a hopeless romantic, and Katharine’s awesome. We really, really like her, and we’ve known her for a really long time. And if he’s happy, we’re happy.

David's daughters definitely have got his back, and we join them by wishing David and Katharine all the best in their life together!

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