Stamos Holds A Secret! The 55-Year-Old Silver Fox Spills The Special Meaning Behind His Son's Name

Date November 6, 2018 13:01

John Stamos is absolutely the most adorable dad. Ever since his first son, Billy, was born, he's been talking about him non-stop, and recently, he even brought him along for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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The 55-year-old actor couldn't stop kissing and admiring his son. Even Kimmel himself admitted that Billy is the cutest baby he's ever seen. We're not surprised, baby boy definitely takes after his father!


Some more moments from #July4th 🇺🇸

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During his appearance on Busy Tonight, Stamos told Busy Philipps how seriously he took naming of his baby boy:

My wife was so gracious to let me name him after my father Bill, Billy...He's been gone a long time, so to just have his energy back in the house, to say his name, it just brings back all that. It's just the best time of my life.

As we know, the famous actor is very sentimental. And the fact his son is named after his own late father is incredibly heartwarming.

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It's all about Billy

Stamos once again let his sentimental heart shine when he got emotional while talking about Billy on LIVEKellyandRyan. John was talking about how much he hates being away from his son and couldn't hold back the tears.

The actor started to tear up after looking at the picture of him with Billy around the 30-second mark.

John and Caitlin definitely should have more kiddos!

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