Take A Peek Inside The Queen's Favorite Summer House! Balmoral Castle Holds A Special Significance To The Family

Date September 11, 2018 13:57

It's no secret that Queen Elizabeth II owns a lot of real estate. Apart from Windsor Castle and other palaces that often serve as the royal family's official homes and venues for public events, the Queen has her pick of remote holiday houses.

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One of Her Majesty's most special houses is Balmoral Castle in Scotland. It has served as the family residence since 1852, and holds a special significance to all of its members.


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The castle includes a large forest territory, where the family enjoys taking walks, going for picnics, and watching managed herds of deer.


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But why do the Queen and her family favor Balmoral Castle as a holiday getaway?

Special summer spot

Ever since Queen Elizabeth was a little girl, her family used to spend summer at Balmoral Castle, and she continues this wonderful tradition.

As her former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, told HELLO! magazine:

She has been going there regularly from the middle to the end of July right through to the beginning of October since she came to the throne. It's just home from home, a place where she can just get away from it all, putting her feet up and give her the chance to just enjoy two months of holiday.

Filled with warm memories, this place preserves wonderful family times of several generations.


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There's definitely a sense of nostalgia for the Queen, paired with a beautiful scenery and fresh Scottish air.

The Queen's summer homegettyimages

The Queen's summer homegettyimages

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Her Majesty is keen on keeping the tradition alive, and encourages her grandsons, William and Harry, to spend time at Balmoral from time to time. 

According to Dickie, there are plenty of things for the family to do there:

They do a lot of stalking, which involves a lot of walking. They have picnics at log cabins by the River Dee. They do what other people do when they go away to the country, when they are on holiday. There's no sea there, so obviously, there's no beach, but they just do what other people do when they come on holiday.

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Balmoral Castle is such a beautiful place, that it has also served as a special getaway for then newlywed Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Perfect place for a honeymoon

Prince Charles and Princess Diana chose to spend the first half of their honeymoon at Balmoral Castle, enjoying the wonderful nature.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana on honeymoongettyimages

Prince Charles and Princess Diana on honeymoongettyimages

Charles was even seen wearing a kilt, showing his respect to Scotland.

Balmoral Castle is indeed very special for the royal family, and we're sure they have many more wonderful memories to create there in the future.

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