Body Language Expert Reveals What Kind Of Relationship Prince Andrew And Fergie Have With Their Daughters

Date September 4, 2018

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's divorce was a big hit for the royal family, and for the couple itself. It's impossible to deny that there was a lot of love and chemistry between these two, but the timing was way off for their relationship.

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Andrew's service prevented him from spending time with Sarah and their daughters, which made Ferguson feel lonely and led to their separation. They were able to stay friendly, most importantly, for the sake of Eugenie and Beatrice.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergusongettyimages

The love they have for their daughters is beyond imaginable, and it was ultimately proven by body language experts. So let's find out what they had to say about the royal couple as parents.

Body language through the years

Right from the moment Beatrice was born, Sarah was incredibly happy. As Patti Wood, a body language expert, told Good Housekeeping:

There is something totally unique and special about her [Sarah Ferguson]. There's a buoyancy about her, and you can tell she's genuinely happy in this moment.

In the next picture we can see that Fergie loves Beatrice and Eugenie equally, since she was carrying her daughters at the same height (although it was difficult due to the differences in age and weight).

But Prince Andrew is no slouch, either. He's seen crouching in the photo to be on the same level with his daughters, which shows his great affection.


Happy Father’s Day!

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The parents' relationship with their daughters wasn't perfect at all times. Photos taken during Andrew and Sarah's separation show a slight distance between Fergie and her daughters. It was a difficult time for her and, perhaps, she was filling guilty for putting Beatrice and Eugenie through the divorce. 

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As Wood noted about this photo:

There's a barrier between Fergie and her children — and it's not just because the children are sitting on her husband's lap. Her crossed arms and tense facial expressions are tell-tale signs that she's unhappy in the current moment, which contrasts her typical behavior.

But time heals all wounds, and the family was able to survive the difficult times. Many photos from the family ski trips show how close they are, and how loving Sarah Ferguson is with her girls.

Body language expert pointed out:

She is completely at peace with her daughters, but the way she physically leans on her daughter also indicates that she relies on her for her own happiness. 

And not much has changed today. When the family attended 2018 Royal Ascot, they were clearly having a blast together, and we can see the genuine laughter on their faces.

There's no doubt that this family is happy together and enjoys each other's company. Simply wonderful!

The flame is still burning

In addition to analyzing the Duke and Duchess of York's behavior with their children, the body language expert also took a peak at their dynamic together. Many point out that Andrew and Sarah are very friendly and even affectionate with each other, and that they clearly make each other happy.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergusongettyimages

They enjoy each other's company and, considering both are still single, there might be something more going on between them.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergusongettyimages

Should we expect another royal wedding soon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

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