Former Member Of Scientology On Ridiculous 'Tom Cruise's Girlfriend Auditions' Arranged By The Church

Date December 3, 2018

Action star and Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise has conquered millions of female hearts all over the world and has been married three times in his life.

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Cruise's first wife was Mimi Rogers, who introduced the actor to Scientology, but the couple didn't last and divorced in 1990. That same year Tom tied the knot with famous actress Nicole Kidman, with whom he shares two adopted children. The two celebrities legally separated in 2001. Cruise's third and last marriage with Katie Holmes lasted from 2005 to 2012. 

Tom also dated actresses Penelope Cruz and Nazanin Boniadi in between his marriages to Kidman and Holmes, but despite having such extensive information about his personal life, many still question how exactly those women met Cruise.

Girlfriend auditions

There have been reports that members of the Church of Scientology auditioned women to be Tom Cruise's girlfriend. Former Scientologist Brendan Tighe claims that's how Nazanin Boniadi got in a relationship with the famous actor, and even Scarlett Johansson was considered to be his mate at one point, which the actress denied.

In addition, another former member of the Church Valerie Haney revealed that Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientologist leader David Miscavige, personally conducted the girlfriend auditions, but she wasn't happy about it. Valerie remembered Shelly's thoughts on the matter:

She thought it was ridiculous. She was just doing what Dave asked her to do. But it absolutely happened.

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Fox News reported that the Church immediately issued a response to Haney's story, and they definitively deny everything she said:

The Church of Scientology stated that the story is utterly false. Valerie Haney is outright lying and making up stories, as part of her employment for Leah Remini.

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