George And Charlotte's Nickname For Prince Charles Echoes How The Queen Called Her Grandpa

Date November 5, 2018

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are a neverending source of cuteness in the royal family. Despite growing up as monarchy, William and Kate's little ones treat their relatives as any other children would. They even come up with funny nicknames for Prince Charles and the Queen.

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For example, Prince George calls Her Majesty Gan-Gan, a nickname that makes everyone who hears it swoon. In addition, it was recently revealed what nickname they have for their grandpa, and it's somewhat following a family tradition.

Funny coincidence surrounding Charles' nickname

According to Daily Mail, Prince George and Princess Charlotte call Charles Grandpa Wales, based on his royal title. It's a mix of respectful and very cute attitude the kids have for their grandfather.


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However, that nickname is reminiscent of what the Queen used to call her grandfather George V, to whom she referred as Grandpa England. It's unknown whether George and Charlotte knew about this fact, but it's extremely adorable either way.

We can't wait to see if little Prince Louis will follow the example of his siblings or come up with his own unique way of mentioning elder relatives.

Prince Charles holds his family very dearly

During a speech addressing his visit to the Gambia, Prince Charles was seen at his house with a very special portrait in the background.

Behind him, we can see the photo taken to commemorate Prince Louis' christening with Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children.

It's clear that the royal family is very close, and we're always looking forward to their special moments together.

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