Does Long Island Medium Has A Gift Or Is She A Skilled Fraud? Possible Secrets Of Theresa Caputo's Abilities

Date September 7, 2018

Theresa Caputo wows viewers on her television reality series Long Island Medium. On the show, Theresa commnicates with dead relatives of people, who come to her for closure.

Theresa Caputo© Long Island Medium (2011) / TLC

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Many people doubt Caputo's abilities, but no one can deny there's something special about her.

The medium even once had her brain scanned to prove it works differently from others. The results were indeed fascinating, as Caputo shared on Fox & Friends:

They did find that I do access a part of my brain that we typically don’t and that my brain actually goes blank. It almost like it flat lines. Like, it’s clear as I’m channeling.

Theresa Caputo© Long Island Medium (2011) / TLC

Her show has now over 10 seasons and more episodes are being filmed. She's helped many people find answers they're looking for, but we're curious if Theresa is indeed capable of communicating with the dead. 

True gift or an experienced fraud?

The way Theresa's shows go is she often talks to her audience in the studio trying to find a person connected to the spirit on her mind. Viewers see a trimmed-down version of the entire process, and what's behind the scenes is very interesting.

Theresa Caputo© Long Island Medium (2011) / TLC

Many claim that Caputo is doing something called cold reading. It means that she throws different ways someone could've died waiting if it clicks with anyone. If it doesn't, not a problem, she moves on.

For example, she can ask for someone in the audience called Rachel, chances are there is one. Then Theresa would ask if her family member had died, or even go more specific saying 'mother' or a 'father-figure', by which she can mean father, uncle, or a grandfather.

Theresa Caputo© Long Island Medium (2011) / TLC

First-hand experience

One journalist was able to attend the live taping and detailed his experience on the show. According to him, it was all clearly cold reading, and Theresa had a hard time finding people that would fit her description. She asked if someone had a child that drowned in a pool, but there was silence. She tried to be very general with her questions to the audience and tried to grab any straw, but most people weren't buying it.

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It's actually not difficult to master cold reading as long as you know how to read people. If you see a lonely older woman in the audiences looking to reconnect with a dead relative, it's possible to assume her husband passed away.

The journalist wasn't convinced and, according to him, not many other people, who attended the taping, did either.

Is she doing something wrong?

It is indeed possible that Theresa practices the cold reading technique, but with many doubters, she also has many believers by her side, and her show is the best example.

Theresa Caputo© Long Island Medium (2011) / TLC

Theresa Caputo© Long Island Medium (2011) / TLC

We can't give a concrete answer to whether the famous Long Island Medium is a fraud or not. Whatever the truth is, we believe Theresa has helped many people, and as long as she can provide closure and relief to someone, her efforts are not in vain.

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