Glenn Close Needs An Oscar For Such A Dramatic Red Carpet Appearance At “The Wife” Premiere


July 26, 2018 12:50 By Fabiosa

Rose Byrne and Glenn Close were co-stars on the hit legal drama Damages for around five years.

And now, they are back together. The 38-years-old Rose and 71-years-old Glenn reunited at the Hollywood premiere of “The Wife”.

© Damages (2007-2012) / Sony Pictures Television

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Despite the fact that Glenn Close has never won an Oscar, she continues to show her amazing acting talent. Her short award-worthy performance during the premiere surprised everybody.

© Damages (2007-2012) / Sony Pictures Television

After spotting Rose Byrne on the red carpet at Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center, Glenn Close pretended to lose consciousness from the shock.


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Glenn did it right in front of Rose, the former “Damages” co-star, who couldn’t help but laugh. She helped Glenn Close stand up.

When Glenn was back on her feet, the women were smiling and posing for photos.


Rose and Glenn are good friends who always support each other no matter what happens. Rose says:

We get along well and that's not always the case when you do a job, that you become friends as well as colleagues



Glenn Close definitely deserves the golden statue this time!

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