After 4 Divorces, Kenny Rogers Learnt Love Doesn't Know Age With A Woman 28 Years Younger Than Him

Date April 15, 2019 12:39

The popular American singer and actor Kenny Rogers had four failed marriages, and every time he lost hope to find the love of his life and to feel a real love.

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Rogers’ former wives are Janice Gordon, Jean Rogers, Margo Anderson, and Marianne Gordon. More than twenty years ago, back in 1997, he got married for the fifth time and it seems he finally found the right woman. Kenny is happy ever since, and can’t imagine his life without his beautiful wife.

Fifth wife

Kenny Rogers’ fifth wife, who is 28 years younger than him, proved that love can exist at any age. They found each other and don’t plan to separate. After so many marriages, Rogers clearly knew the type of person he needs in order to feel himself happy, and finally he met the best woman of his life, Wanda Miller.

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Nevertheless, Kenny Claims he never regretted getting married so many times, and trying new relations again and again. It is an invaluable experience that helped him to find Wanda.

This may seem like an absurd statement, but every woman I married, I really loved. And I don’t blame them for the marriage falling apart.


Kenny Rogers and Wanda Miller have two amazing children together. Back in 2004, the couple welcomed two twin baby boys. Now, Kenny is a father of five kids and couldn’t be happier.

The 80-year-old Kenny Rogers had four failed marriages, but fifth wife gave him the long-awaited happiness and love.

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