'L.A. Law' And 'NYPD Blue' Actor Jimmy Smits' Daughter Is Already Grown Up And Looks Exactly Like Her Father

Date April 15, 2019

The popular American actor Jimmy Smits has been married with his high school sweetheart, Barbara Smits, for around seven years.

Smits is mostly known for his legendary roles of attorney Victor Sifuentes in legal drama L.A. Law, and the NYPD Detective Bobby Simone in police drama NYPD Blue.

Together, they had two wonderful children, Taina, born in 1975, and Joaquin, born in 1983. Unfortunately, Barbara Smits passed away in 2019 from complications of pneumonia, and it was a huge loss both for kids and for Jimmy.

Daughter Taiana

Jimmy Smits daughter Taina Smits-Beasley is already a grown up woman and definitely inherited look from her famous father.

Taiana is currently works as a theatre arts teacher at Glasgow Middle School in Fairfax County, and really enjoys what she is doing.

She is so beautiful and looks exactly like daddy!

Jimmy Smits’ relations

Jimmy Smits is now is now in relations with the American actress Wanda De Jesus, mostly known for portraying Santana Andrade in NBC's soap opera Santa Barbara. Nevertheless, they are not officially married.

L.A. Law and NYPD Blue actor Jimmy Smits' daughter Taiana is already a grown up woman and looks so beautiful!