Experts Finally Reveal What Stockard Channing Has Done To Her Face That Made Her Look Unrecognizable

Date May 23, 2019 13:33

Popular American actress Stockard Channing, mostly known for her roles of Betty Rizzo in Grease and the First Lady Abbey Bartlet in The West Wing, looks completely unrecognizable now, and fans can’t stop but wonder what she has done to her face.

On their Twitter accounts, people were writing numerous posts, asking what happened to Stockard, and revealed they feel traumatized after watching her on television.

Of course, the shocking transformation was a key point of her fans’ discussion, and they wanted to know the truth. Finally, experts decided to open up the secret of her altered look, after analyzing her before-after pictures.

Channing's plastic surgeries

During one of his interviews, Dr. Darren McKeown, the founder of The Aesthetic Medicine Institute, talked about Stockard Channing's plastic surgeries, and what made her look so much different than before.

As we get older the face ages in a number of ways. Two of the most significant changes are the loss of volume from fat and bone and the gravitational effects which lead to tissue sagging," he tells us. To correct these, it is common to undertake surgery to remove some of the saggy tissue, as well as filler injections to restore volume loss.

And added:

When done in moderation, these can have very positive impact on the appearance. However, if you try to push it too far, you can end up creating a less natural appearance - which may be what has happened to Stockard.

How did she look before?

On these photos, we can see how the actress looked before, and to observe her natural beauty. She was so gorgeous!


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Stockard Channing underwent numerous plastic surgeries that made her look unrecognizable, and it seems like people don’t really like her altered look.