'Get Smart' Actor Don Adams’ Daughter Died Of Cancer, But His Grown-Up Granddaughter Is Her Exact Copy

Date May 23, 2019

Don Adams, the popular American actor, mostly known for his role of Maxwell Smart in the television situation comedy Get Smart, lost his loving daughter, Cecily, back in 2004.

Cecily died of lung cancer, and it was a huge shock for the actor. One year after daughter’s death, Don Adams passed away after suffering from lymphoma and a lung infection.

Overall, Don Adams was a devoted father of seven children: Carolyn, Christine, Cathy, Cecily, Stacey, Sean, and Beige.

Don Adams’ granddaughter

Don Adams’ late daughter, Cecily, had one daughter – Madeline, who was born in 2001. Now, she is all grown up and is a spitting image of her beautiful mother.

It is unbelievable how she looks exactly the same as Cecily! By the way, her late mother followed in Don Adams’ footsteps and was also an actress.

Madeline’s dad is a famous actor, Jim Beaver, who is mostly known for his role of Bobby Singer in Supernatural. Beaver’s memoir, Life's That Way, details Cecily Adams’ last few months of life.

Get Smart Actor Don Adams lost his daughter Cecily when she was only 46. Now, Adams’ granddaughter, Madeline, is all grown up and bears a striking resemblance of her late mother.