Cutest Ginger Family: Ron And Cheryl Howard Show Off Their 3 Redheaded Daughters And A Son

Date May 17, 2019

The popular American filmmaker and actor Ron Howard, and writer Cheryl Howard are married for almost for 44 years, since 1975.

Together, they have four wonderful children: daughters Bryce Dallas Howard, twins Jocelyn Carlyle and Paige Howard, and a son Reed Cross.

Ginger family

Their family is rather unique, as they all are redheaded. By the way, Howard’s children appeared together in the fifth Season of Arrested Development.

It is rather interesting that all Howard’s kids have middle names, connected with the locations in which they were conceived. Bryce’s middle name is connected with the city in Texas, Paige and Jocelyn were named after New York’s Carlyle Hotel, and Reed Cross got his middle name from a London street.

The Oscar-winning director is very proud to be a father of such amazing kids. By the way, some of them decided to follow in their famous dad’s footsteps and connected their life with the acting career. As we know, Bryce and Paige are also actors.

Paige is known for her roles in Adventureland, Virgin Alexander, Cheesecake Casserole, and The Employer. Bryce became popular after playing roles in Parenthood, A Beautiful Mind, Book of Love, The Village, and others.

Ron and Cheryl Howard are indeed lucky to have such talented and beautiful children, and it is unbelievable they all appear to be redheaded.